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Journey To Alignment

Become aligned with your authentic self as Brandie and Sydney work to clear your energetic blocks through energy healing and connect with your Spiritual Team. In this relaxing session you will receive Soulful Energy Healing and gain clarity on your soul's purpose. Use this time to release stagnant energy and get clear on your path in life!

Hands On Heart Healing

Strengthen your connection with your loved one in this unique take on couples healing! During this Soulful Energy Healing session, Brandie and Sydney work on both you and your loved one to clear and ground their energy. Following this, they will gently guide you to sit up and face your partner and hover your hands together as the energy flows between you both, enhancing and deepening your connection.

Healing For Healers

Are you a healer? A holistic practitioner, sound therapist, care-giver, nurse, Empath, etc? Then this is the session for you! Healers are often so busy taking care of others, that they unknowingly neglect their own needs. During this Healing For Healers Soulful Energy session Brandie and Sydney will offer private group sessions and individual sessions to help you clear your energy and fill your cup!

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Journey to Alignment



Hands On Heart Healing

1h 30 min


Healing For Healers (Individual Session)



Healing for Healers:
Group Sessions

Private Healing for Healers group events are available.

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Receive healing through our group events, including Group Energy Healing and Healing For Healers.

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