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What is Soulful Energy Healing?

Soulful Energy Healing is a new form of energy healing that was created by the Partners In Peace founders, Sydney Morrison and Brandie Wilson.

Throughout their respective healing journeys, both Sydney and Brandie were drawn to various energy healing modalities and trained to became Reiki practitioners. While they found Reiki to be both healing and transformative, over the years they found that their energy healing practice was evolving. After discovering new symbols and techniques, this new form of energy healing was born!


Our Mission

At Partners In Peace, our mission is to help people achieve inner peace and clarity through Soulful Energy Healing. We strive to provide a peaceful, comforting, and inspiring environment for our clients so they can relax and focus on their healing journey as they look to enhance their relationship with themselves and others.



It is our hope that through Soulful Energy Healing you will  be able to come back to yourself as you release stagnant and blocked energy that is holding you back from reaching your full potential.

During these Soulful Energy Healing sessions both Brandie and Sydney will clear and align your Chakras, giving your aura and personal energy the boost that it needs, followed by a brief energy reading to provide clarity on your soul's journey.

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